One destination for all your wallets and exchange accounts. In real time.

Whether you just started investing in digital currencies or trade crypto like a pro, CoinMash is the ultimate go-to platform for tracking and safely managing your porfolio in real-time.

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Monitoring and managing your portfolio made easyMonitor and manage cryptofolios from multiple exchanges and blockchains.

You now have full overview of your investments from multiple exchanges and blockchains for as many coins as you need.


We offer faster price update than your regular exchangesFaster price update than your exchange

CoinMash is the unified one-stop solution for providing excellent tracking and management features for your crypto portfolio in realtime. Gain full visibility and control in managing your stash with unique real price update and automated sync.


Track your cryptofolios cross multiple devices
(coming soon)
Track your cryptocurrency portfolio cross multiple devices

Next to the current desktop and mobile friendly website, we're working hard to implement iOS/Android apps too.

Portfolio insights with trend charts and key market levelsGet in-depth understanding of your portfolio

For every cryptocurrency you own or want to keep an eye-on, analyse the latest trend charts and keep an eye out for key market levels.


Set up alarms for key market levelsAlarms. Plan your next trade

Waiting for that perfect market entry? We got you covered with our trading inspired complex market alarms.


Eager about new prospects that are seeding or already growing?

Add any new interest-coin to your watch list so you don't miss the train.

Auto-sync that is safe and easy based only on your exchange READ Keys and public wallet addresesYour safety, our no.1 priority

Auto-sync is at easy as it gets; only add your READ Keys and we'll give you full visibility with virtually no safety risk. Even if a hacker manages to steal your READ keys, he will not be able to trade or transfer funds on your behalf.